Things to consider when replacing you Bosch voltage regulator and alternator in your Mercedes.

Replacement of Bosch voltage regulator and Alternator


Auto parts often fail to operate and in this case they need to be replaced. Replacement of an alternator or any other major component in your vehicle is something you cannot avoid. In every replacement, high-quality component is very important to avoid leaving you stranded on the road in the near future. Alternators made by Bosch are usual 3-phase, self- repair type and their regulators are transistorized solid state that integral with alternator.


Things to consider when replacing you Bosch voltage regulator and alternator in your Mercedes

Car parts wear out easily ad they need to be replaced in order to continue functioning properly. Replacement of components such as Bosch voltage regulator or Alternator Clutch Pulley in your vehicle is not easy as you need to put into consideration a lot of factors. Majority thinks that the cost of the spare part is all that matters but today you will find that their perspective is totally wrong.  I’ll explain why price is often – though, not always – a good barometer of quality and the most important factors that you should bear in mind.

Quality – Quality of the spare part is very important as it determines the durability and proper functioning of the vehicle. It is not a must to replace your alternator with a new one as even rebuilt alternators may have the same level of quality or even better quality than a new one. Even though high quality alternator Clutch Pulley or voltage regulator mercedes come at a price it is advisable to purchase it for your replacement. The price is gauged with quality.

Rebuilt or Remanufactured Parts

Although the terms may seem to have the same meaning, in the rebuiders world the terms have different meaning with the distinction being a rebuilt part has been dismantled and some functioning parts replace while remanufactured parts are dismantled and a totally new product produced. The choice of replacing your vehicle with a rebuilt or a remanufactured part is also determined by quality.


A good and durable rebuilt or remanufacture alternator comes with a longer warranty. The longer the warranty the more durable and reliable the component is. When replacing your alternator Clutch Pulley choose the one that has a longer warranty. You can occasionally find coverage that lasts two years or more. Always be willing to pay a little more for quality as long as the component comes with a generous warranty.

Value and Reliability

A good alternator Clutch Pulley or Bosch voltage regulator should be valuable, long lasting and reliable. In most cases, an alternator with longer warranties implies that the components are more reliable. This means that if the replacement of the component seems to be unsuccessful shortly after installation, the problem is not with the alternator but often involves the mechanic who installed it and therefore the component will not be damaged.